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ریسو گراف ez200

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0XX    System (hardware, software, communication), Operation panel
1XX    Scanning section (scanner, AF), image processing
2XX    Master making section
3XX    Master     copyir.comdisposal section
4XX    Paper     copyir.comfeed/ejection section
5XX    Print     copyir.comdrum area
6XX    Printing adjustment section (vertical, horizontal, density)
7XX    Optional accessories
A    Jam error
A01    Master feed error
A02    Master loading error
A04    Master detected on print drum error
A05    Master detected in master     copyir.comdisposal area
A06    Check paper     copyir.comfeed tray
A07(J)    Paper     copyir.comfeed error
A08(J)    Paper jam on print drum
A09(J)    Paper     copyir.comejection error
A10(J)    AF original feed error
A16    Awaiting for the master to be removed from the drum
A17    Cutter error
A34    Requesting for master to be reset
B (b)    Option error
B01    Keycard counter: No card
B02    Sorter: Call service error
B03    Sorter: Jam error
B04    Sorter: Door open error
B05    Sorter: Error (other)
B21    Hold memory: Read/Write error
B22    Job separator: Power OFF
B23    Job separator: No tape
B24    Job separator: Tape jam
B25    Sorter: Tray full error
B26    Sorter: Paper remaining on tray error
B27    Sorter: Stapler error
B28    Sorter: Size error
B29    USB Memory: No compatibility (w/ USB HUB)
B30    USB Memory: No compatibility
B31    Linked printer: Data communication error
B32    Network cable not connected
B33    IP address setup error
B34    Linked printer: error
B34    Linked printer: No toner
B35    Linked printer: Call service error
B38    USB Memory: Fault create a file
B39    USB Memory: No access
C (c)    Consumable error
C01    Replace ink cartridge
C02    Replace master roll
C03    Master disposal box full
C04    No paper on the paper feed tray
D (d)    Set check error
D01    Print drum not set
D02    Incorrect print drum
D03    Ink cartridge not set
D04    Incorrect ink cartridge
D05    Master not set
D07    Master     copyir.comdisposal box not set
D08    Master making unit not set
D09    Master making unit cover not closed
D11    Front cover not closed
D13    Rear cover not closed
D17    Incorrect master roll
D18    Print drum is ready for removal
D19    Master making unit is ready for removal
D22    Print drum removal command
D23    AF cover not closed
E    Warning (Serviceman call)
E01    Replace battery
E02    Maintenance call
F    Warning (Other)
F01    No master on print drum
F02    Master image larger than paper size: 1
F03    Multi     copyir.comup printing Incorrect paper size
F04    User Control: Reach to copy count limit
F05    Print quantity less than the minimum print quantity setting
F08    Auto tray selection: Wrong paper size
F10    Master image larger than paper size: 2
F12    Auto tray selection: Irregular size original
F15    Auto control paper receiving tray: Large paper remaining on the tray
F17    Incorrect print drum size
F21    Multi     copyir.comUp: No original on AF
F22    Multi     copyir.comUp: No original on FB
F24    Auto reproduction: Error between original size and paper size
F31    Auto control paper receiving tray: Paper guide fence error
F32    Storage data: Storage area full
F33    USB Memory: Capacity is full
F37    Book mode: AF cannot be used
F43    AF cannot be used in book mode
F44    Auto reproduction size: Error between original size and paper size
F45    Linked printer error
F47    Linked printer error No paper
F48    Multi     copyir.comUp: Wrong original size
F49    Multi     copyir.comUp: No original
F52    Linked printer error Job interrupted
F58    Book editing not available with AF (NET     copyir.comC Card Initializing)
F58    Book editing not available with AF (NET     copyir.comD Card Initializing)
F60    Master     copyir.commaking confirmation when linked printer is selected ( when print quantity = 0)
F61    Linked printer: Wrong paper size
F62    Linked printer auto selection: Linked printer error
F63    Linked printer: Auto tray selection not available for irregular size original
F64    Selected function not available while processing print data from PC
F65    Scan mode: Auto page size selection not available for irregular size original
F66    Linked printer: Saddle     copyir.comstitch error
F67    Linked printer: Rotation sort error
F73    Linked printer: Auto tray selection not available with selected reproduction ratio
F74    High speed printing: Printer temperature is too low for 180ppm high speed printing
F78    Editor: Stage cover is opened
F79    Editor: No original during re     copyir.comscanning
F85    External CI: Scanning not possible with external CI not connected
F86    Auto tray selection: Tray cannot be selected with selected reproduction ratio
F87    Auto tray selection: Multi     copyir.comUp not possible
F88    Auto tray selection: 2     copyir.comUp selection error
F89    Interposer mode: Wrong paper size
F90    Stock management (ink)
F91    Stock management (master)
F93    Reproduction size: Larger than the master     copyir.commaking size
F94    Protect mode: Discard current master
F95    Protect mode: Confirmation
F96    Total Count Volume
F97    Count Charge
H    Parameter value input
H01    Ink color setting
H02    Print density fine adjustment
H03    Proof     copyir.comprint density adjustment (ink)
H04    Master     copyir.commaking density
H05    Print density fine adjustment
H06    Proof     copyir.comprint density adjustment (master)
T (P)    Serviceman     copyir.comcall error
T01    Main motor lock
T02    Elevator motor lock
T03    Clamp motor lock
T04    Overflow
T05    Print     copyir.compositioning pulse     copyir.commotor lock
T08    Communication error with CI
T09    Sorter error
T11    Print pressure pulse motor lock
T12    Master disposal area motor lock
T13    Cutter motor lock
T14    Flatbed error
T15    AF error
T17    Solenoid counter not connected
T18    Drum     copyir.comlock solenoid lock
T19    Thermal     copyir.compressure motor lock
T20    Paper     copyir.comejection     copyir.comsection motor lock
T24    Inking motor lock
T25    No battery error
T89    Master compression plate error
T91    Operation panel EEPROM error
T92    Drum EEPROM write error
T93    NET     copyir.comC hardware error
T93    NET     copyir.comD hardware error
T94    Call service error: TPH
T95    FRAM error
T96    Data not input
T97    PC card access error
T98    Hardware error
T99    Software error

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